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Sofnolime, Christo Lube, Wenoll, Challenger Life Jackets, Diviator, Consultancy, Thinsulate ,Ethysorb, SofnoCarb, Moleculite, Traser 3H watches, Tritium night vision, Waterproof dry suits, NBC suits, Survival suits, Rebreathers, S 10 , S 24,  Viper, Viper Plus


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Triton Alfa bvba

Taboralaan 272

B-8400  Oostende - Belgium

Tel.:    +32 59 434 023

  Fax:    +1 302 358 2923

Mobile: +32 475 289 500


                                      BTW BE 0460.611.032                        MAP

Triton Alfa sa

Calle Bahoruco # 1

Puerto Plata  -  Costambar

Repùblica Dominicana

Figo: +1 809 202 3996

Fax: +1 302 358 2923

Celular:+1 829 718 9825 (only local)



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MNS Messenger   <tritonalfa@hotmail.com>


Skypename   <TritonAlfa>


           Sofnolime - Christo Lube - Wenoll  -  Interspiro Divator   - Consultancy - Thinsulate - Ethysorb - SofnoCarb - Moleculite - Traser H3 watches

Waterproof  suits - NBC suits - Survival suits - Rebreathers : S 10 - S 24 -  Viper SC - Viper Plus - SiTech


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Over the rainbow

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The Triton Alfa Group

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Over the rainbow



Over the rainbow

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Voor veilig duiken!     Wenoll zuurstof noodkoffers

Uw reddingsvest      Challenger reddingsvesten

Uw reddingsvest  HTraser H3 Tritium horloges

SB Oppiksysteem     SB - Rescue sling

Here!      Duiktoestellen

Here!     Sofnolime - Ethysorb


Here!     Appareil respiratoire Wenoll

Here!      Gilets de sauvetage Challenger

Uw reddingsvest     Montres Traser H3 Tritium

Poussez ici!     Système de repêchage "SB"

Here!      Appareils à circuit fermé

Here!     Sofnolime - Ethysorb

Here!     Wenoll oxygen set

Your Life Jacket!      Challenger life jackets

Uw reddingsvest     Traser H3 Tritium watches

Here!     SB - Rescue sling

Here!      Rebreathers

Here!     Sofnolime - Ethysorb


Over the rainbow





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